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A découvrir également sur AmysFM : L’été avant l’été : » The Summer
Groove » la dernière production de Gene Leone !
Now on AmysFM « The Summer Groove » the last Gene Leone Mix
production !!
An Album to have !!
The Masters of Funk, Soul and Blues present A Soulful Tale of Two Cities, featuring the Funk
Brothers, MFSB, George Clinton, Kathy Sledge, Barbara Mason, Russell Thompkins Jr, Lamont
Dozier, Freda Payne, & more! produced by Phill Hurt, Lamont
Dozier,Bobby Eli, Clay McMurray, Bunny Sigler and of course behind the console the master
engineer !!Gene Leone

Special thanks to my friend Geno for his kidness and support !
What a real good time with you !!

Gene Leone Mix Bio :
Gene_Leone_Mix • Recording Engineer, Producer, Mixer •
»… doing Dance Music, Club & Radio Hits Since the
’70′s »
Gene Leone is a longtime Philadelphia Recording Engineer,
Producer, Mixer.

In the late 60s, he started out as a studio musician
drummer who could also engineer the recording
He’s been a senior audio engineer for a number of
Philly based production studios, including Quad
Recording, Alpha International Recording Studios,
Sigma Sound Studios, Kajem/Victory Studios, and
He is now independent as Gene_Leone_Mix, and and busily Producing and Mixing lots Great Music
across the globe.
Gene’s motto; « Capture Great Performance – Real Music by Real Artists for Real People! ».
Info Links:
My Newest Music & Latest Releases are listed Here:
and here’s some of my Music Credits & Mixes:
Gene_Leone_Mix on… (partial discography)
& some of the 12″ Vinyl Mixes I’ve done since the 1970′s… (partial discography)
Gene Leone Mix Credits on …
& Philadelphia Creative Guide – Interview with Gene_Leone_Mix by Ruth
…blah blah blah, woof woof woof, etc! *LoL*
Anyway, I’m presently doing lots of Soulful House Music Production, Mixes & ReMixes, as well as a
zillion other sound design and recording/mixing/ mastering projects.
~BigSmiles & MuchLove To All Through Great Music, and GO AMYsFM!!!

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