Adam Vicious

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Adam Vicious is a CEO & Founder of “Strictly House Sessions” which is being supported by the major House music labels and gets alot of regular positive feedback from listeners all across the globe.

Adam is a big music enthusiast and has a keen passion for House music. He has hosted his own brands in UK and Lithuania and has promoted & played for several major brands as a DJ in London, UK. Spinning decks over 10 years now and been playing at the spots like “Ministry Of Sound”, “EGG”, ”Hidden”, “Lane Bar”, “Indigo Bar”, “The Underground Bar” in London to name but a few..

Adam’s DJ sets combine what he loves about House music; bringing a mix of sounds to the dancefloor from big House vocals and Soulful grooves, to underground driving beats. He has shared decks with the artists such as Booker T (Kings Of Soul), Layo & Bushwacka, Peter Oakden, Greg Dorban, Logistix, Nick Power, etc..

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